Our philosophy

Summed up in two words: Living Well. The Pancha Yoga ideology doesn't treat yoga as just physical fitness and fitness as just physical wellbeing.

At Pancha Yoga, we are dedicated to elevate daily practices to a way of life. Hence, our focus is Living Well through right yoga practice, nutritious food, and good thoughts, balancing work-life and centering yourself.

About The Teacher

Shri Vikas Shenoy

If you see a group of people, doing headstands or handstands – with effortless ease, you can be rest assured, Vikas Shenoy is somewhere close by.

If you see a group of people chanting feeling a lot of peace, and dissolved in meditation or asanas, you know, Vikas Shenoy is near by.

For many – Vikas Shenoy has become equivalent of health, fitness and flexibility – and often, when you see him engaged in certain asanas – you wonder, does this man have any bones at all?

He has reached this level – with immense hard work, discipline and commitment. He is the first certified Level 3 teacher from Indea Yoga Mysore under the guidance of Yogacharya Bharath Shetty sir, disciple of world renowned yoga guru Padma Vibhushan late Shri BKS Iyengar.

Having done his engineering from NITK and having more than 11 years of software expertise with organizations like Microsoft and D E Shaw, Vikas decided to take the leap of faith instilled by his beloved guru Mahatria and followed his heart and started Pancha Yoga to get into teaching yoga full time in 2016.

As of 2020, He has over 15years of practice experience , 9 years of teaching experience which accounts to more than 12500 hours of classes all of which have started on time.

He is a full marathoner and has coached half marathon aspirants in terms of nutrition and preparation.

He conducts advanced classes yoga for teachers apart from regular yoga classes as well as children classes. He has also conducted yoga workshops at Surat and Bangalore. Two of his students Palak and Ananya are the Telangana state top 2 table tennis players in the under 14 category. His vision is to create an Olympic gold medalist for India by the 2032 Olympics.

He has conducted various yoga, health & wellness initiatives in different corporates touching upon topics like Yoga, nutrition, ergonomics at workplace. Currently he is also dabbling with writing and aims to come up with an exciting book on Fitness.

Breathe in, breathe out… stay calm, stay happy; are a few lines Vikas lives each day.