Pranayama & Meditation

In the current era, with the increasingly stressful lives and anxiety disorders among several people, pranayama and meditation have exhibited immaculate results for all of us. The more you concentrate, the better you meditate, and Pranayama comes by itself.

Are you also looking forward to adding meditation and pranayama into your daily routine? Or you might want to take a break and feel like further any small task will make your bucket overflow! Whatever the question/problem is, the answer/solution is Pranayama & Meditation.

What exactly is 'Pranayama’?

Before we get to know about Pranayama, it is vital to enlighten you what is 'Prana'? It is an essential energy that is a requisite for our physical and subtle layers, without which our body will decay. Fundamentally, prana is the source through which our body is replenished and the mind is nourished. In simple words; prana refers to breath.

Pranayama is yogic breathing refers to the universal life force that creates a robust aura around the body. Pranayama means nothing but working in the dimensions of prana. In Pranayama, 'Ayama' means to control. So, pranayama means having a stupendous control over your breath.

We provide astounding yoga classes for pranayama that will make you experience spiritual wonders. We also ensure the safety of the people who have any particular medical issue and always advise yogis to consult their doctors before they practice any complex exercise. However, for healthy people, we do not impose any kind of restrictions to do Pranayama.

Is Pranayama worthwhile?

Yes, indeed it is. Pranayama is favourable for your spirit, mind and the entire body. Not only this, pranayama helps to-

Regular practising of Pranayama will also mitigate the possibility of many diseases such as asthma, migraine, gastric issues, etc.

Why is Meditation a Subjective Experience?

Meditation is a mental exercise that involves focus, awareness, relaxation. It is somewhat a physical exercise to the mind.

However, there is no specific definition of meditation as it entirely depends upon person to person. For some people, mediation means being away from the world, being by themselves, and contemplating on distinctive aspects of life. For someone, it may be a prayer, or it could be travelling to natural scenic places.

Consequently, it is totally a subjective experience that can differ based on the individual's thought process.

Meditation helps you in many ways that are listed below-

Are you game for yoga classes for Mediation? If you are, then we have hired the best mediation experts who can boost up your concentration level tremendously.