Regular Group Classes

Are you looking forward to bring collective energy in a room? You can succeed in doing so, only if you start practising yoga in a group. Group yoga sessions have proven out to be an impeccable way to explore new techniques and moves comfortably as it allows us to refine our teaching which caters to all your needs.

All the types of classes we conduct are compatible and suited as per the group's needs. As we always ensure the individual to be included in the groups (based on their level- beginner, intermediate, or advanced) before any of the yoga group class commences.

Furthermore, yoga for groups creates a non-intimidating environment that will provide yogis with a chance to ask valuable questions and receive advanced assistance. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, we have a plethora of group sessions and you can choose as per your preference and convenience.

Before we proceed further, let's enlighten you, why you ought to practice yoga in a group?

• Collective Energy- Group energy is the best. It will motivate you to head to your next studio class. The feeling and the sense of contentment that you accomplish in our small group yoga class will help you working on a new pose enthusiastically.

• Boosts Confidence- Especially for the beginners, practising yoga can be quite tough as it includes twisting and stretching. Seeing your peers who can manage to perform particular yoga poses, will help you develop confidence even if you are not able to do that particular pose.

• Consistency- Practicing yoga in a group will not only make you more consistent in your practice but also motivate you to perform better than others. Practising in a group is always a good idea as you have no other option but to attend the class. Whereas, taking private 'group yoga classes near me' or at your home, can be full of distractions which will not keep you regular in attending the yoga classes.

• Community- It will widen up your social network. Whether you know anyone from the class or not, soon you will be going to be acquainted and become friends with some people in the group. This will encourage you to be a better version of yourself and beat your best.

• Synergy- Everyone in the group is working towards to achieve a common goal, that is to remain physically and psychologically fit. Performing yoga in a group will not make you feel bored and will keep you going by making it a fun activity.

As you know that yoga is a magnificent tool that has been introduced to people of all age groups, so why not join our batch which will immensely benefit you by augmenting your concentration, and self-confidence.