Meet Vikas Shenoy

Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and Happiness Ambassador.

Meet Vikas Shenoy

Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and Happiness Ambassador.

Vikas’ teaching journey began in 2011 in the waiting room of a hospital. On a sunny April afternoon, he had taken his one-year old to the pediatrician when he noticed the sad faces of patients, concerned caregivers, and the staff that saw so much pain and suffering on a daily basis. The only happy face in the room was that of his son – giggling at his own gibberish.

I remember asking myself how I could solve this problem and bring smiles back on people’s faces. And that’s when I had my breakthrough moment.

With the realization that good health is intrinsic to happiness, Vikas decided to hone his art that he had been practicing consistently since 2005 and become a yoga teacher.

His first class was a 20 km hike from home. But he’d wake up and show up on the dot. Every single day. An NIT graduate with over 11 years of experience working for organizations like Microsoft and D E Shaw, he’d then go on to work at his day job as an IT Engineer. The more he taught yoga, the more he realized that it was his true calling. After a few years of juggling two roles, Vikas took a leap of faith and gave up his software career to pursue yoga full time.

Yoga is my Swadharma – a work that I am meant for, just like Sachin Tendulkar is for cricket.”

As the first certified Level 4 teacher from Indea Yoga Mysore, Vikas learned from the very best — Yogacharya Bharath Shetty, disciple of world renowned yoga guru Padma Vibhushan late Shri BKS Iyengar. He’s also been trained by Ashtanga teacher Deepika Mehta, who is an epitome of grace and strength.

Today, Vikas has close to a decade of experience mentoring some of India’s most successful yoga practitioners and has been a catalyst in their progress. At Pancha Yoga, he is raising the next generation of holistic thinkers and do-ers, who’re becoming role models in their families and communities. He’s taken over 17500 hours of classes – all of which have started on time.

While there’s a lot to love about Vikas’ classes, his infectious optimism, sense of humor, and ability to find the silver lining and make light out of any situation make him stand out.

His Motto?

Life Is All About Peaceful Progress
Not Stressful Success.