From weight loss stories — to stories of overcoming adversity, every person who walks through our door creates their own authentic journey towards holistic well-being. Our students have gone on to become yoga teachers, marathoners, sports stars, and role models inspiring others with their peaceful progress. But don’t take our word for it.
The year 2020 has been an eventful year for most, for me it became a blessing in disguise. I have been practising yoga for over 10 years and one day while I was surfing Instagram, I came across one of Vikas sir’s student's profile and saw her doing all the posture that I had been working on and wanted to be able to do for the longest time ever. Immediately I got in touch with Vikas Sir and enrolled for one Saturday workshop and tadaaa I did my first independent Pincha Mayurasana... I mean this man literally can create magic. Who does this, and that too online and he is an amazingly talented orator. He has a unique way to manage his class, making it a wonderful and thought-provoking experience for all students with personal attention to each. I am absolutely convinced that God has listened to my silent wishes by making me reach out to him. I joined Panchayoga to learn handstand and few other advanced asanas and I have already learnt far more than just the physical postures (which I have already achieved what I had in mind). With him, I am learning profound life lessons and just enjoying it thoroughly. Thank you Vikas sir for being just awesome.
- Khyati Desai
Founder, Khyati's Yoga Studio
I have been practicing advanced yoga classes under the guidance of Vikas Sir since Dec 2019. I was struggling with my headstand before joining his classes and now I can comfortably hold more than 10 minutes of headstand along with a lot more different advanced asanas. It has been therapeutic on my mental health too for I am a lot more peaceful now. I am feeling very grateful to find the right guru in this journey. Thank you Vikas sir for mentoring, motivating and inspiring each one of us and also teaching us how to inspire our students through our peaceful progress. Wishing you most and more Lots of love and respect
- Sravani Velamuri
Yoga Teacher,
RYT 500
I look back at May 2018 and it feels like it just happened because I remember that class so vividly, it was a Saturday morning, the class was full of students smiling(and no they were not serious or grumpy 😊) , rolling their mats, making space for one another, I found one corner for myself and sat there waiting for what was going to be life changing for me. Vikas Sir was his cheerful self, I am sure he was passing on his blessings to us even when we were unaware of it. That one session was enough for me to know this is what was missing in my life. From that day till today I have not been wanting to not miss a single class as I didn't know what drops of wisdom I would miss. I started with a goal of this and that poses to achieve but Sir made me realize the true meaning of Yoga, it's just not, 'focusing on my doing but also my being'. It's about peaceful progress and not stressed for a specific pose. It's about consistency, it's about appreciating your little progress everyday. I am forever grateful and thankful to him to make me achieve my goals without any stress, be it my first Pincha Balance in the middle of the room, my Handstand in the middle of the room, Eka pada sirsasana and many more. He made every pose accessible by his simplified teaching and explanations. He makes sure he brings out the best in his students. He creates such a welcoming and transformative environment for his students not just offline but online too that they keep coming back for more. I am forever thankful and grateful to him as he is the one who taught me to "Appreciate" everything and everyone. I see such a beautiful transformation with that attitude of gratitude in my life. He made me a better teacher and gave me so much knowledge which I also pass on to my students too.
- Sandhya
Level 2 Yoga Teacher

For me, Panchayoga (meditation + yoga) with Vikas Shenoy has been an opportunity to rise up to the next higher plane of being, thinking and doing. When my friend, Yoganand, recommended Panchayoga, I was still debating whether learning yoga on Zoom would be effective - But, after a few sessions, I was impressed and that conviction took root over the course of the year.

When we think of yoga, we visualize those complex poses that we would have seen experienced yogis do with ease. Often, it's easy to get lost in either a quick fix craze for those poses or give up too soon. Contrarily, Vikas instills in us the words of writer Samuel Johnson: “What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence”.

Vikas’ speciality is how he approaches teaching: he brings a lot of energy and knowledge to the sessions and most importantly he is mindful in educating us to be inward: inward in our ability to focus and notice minute progress we make peacefully and consistently, be it tadasana or deceitfully simple malasana or any other complex pose that we fancy or simply stay clutter-free in our heads for a a few extra minutes. By being inward, I am able to cherish every seemingly small, yet significant change, to my body and mind -- on and off the mat. These changes are the foundational building blocks of what's ahead.

For a self-record, since joining, I have not missed a single class 6x/week. A huge part of that is being constantly encouraged to notice myself, focus on the present and put in my best for that day. It's always about the journey and this yoga/meditation journey is one that I need to travel lifelong.

- Anitha Kannan, PhD
Head of AI Research at Curai, USA